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The Letter Lamed is made up of two separate letters. There is a Chof Kefufa which is written within the lines, and then a Vov whose bottom point touches the very top left corner of the Chof Kefufa. The Letter Lamed, therefore, is one of the largest letters, and one must make sure that there is enough space above it, because if the body of the Vov must be shortened, it can become invalid. The Lamed's dimensions are 6 kulmusim in height, (that is, 3 kulmusim for the Chof Kefufa, and 3 kulmusim for the Vov) and 4 kulmusim in width.(That is- 3 kulmusim for the Chof Kefufa, and 1 kulmus for the Vov.) The top and bottom corners of the body of the Chof Kefufa should be rounded, and the space in the middle of the Chof Kefufa should be 1 kulmus.(Exactly like the rules given above for a Chof Kefufa.) Our minhag is not to complete the bottom section of the Chof Kefufa part of the Lamed, rather we stop somewhere between 1/2 to 3/4 of the way from the end. As long as there is a clear bottom section to the Lamed, it will be valid. There should also be a small kotz sticking out of the middle of the head of the Vov section of the Lamed.