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The Letter Qof is made up of two separate letters.There is a Khaph which is written within the lines, and then a part that is longer than a Zayin, but not as long as a Nun ,which is angled next to the Khaph.The Letter Qof, therefore, is a large letter, and one must make sure that there is enough space below it, in order to have ample room for Zayin part of the Qof. The Qof's dimensions are 5 kulmusim in height, (that is, 3 kulmusim for the Khaph, and 4 kulmusim for the Zayin) and 3 kulmusim in width.(That is- 3 kulmusim for the Khaph, and the Zayin section is neatly placed and angled slightly under the roof of the Qof. The top and bottom corners of the body of the Chof Kefufa should be rounded, and the space in the middle of the Chof Kefufa should be 1 kulmus. The two parts of the Qof should not touch each other at all.If they do touch, even with an amount as thin as a hair, it would be invalid.