The Letter Ayin has a size of slightly larger than 3X3 kulmusim. The Ayin is made of 5 parts, and each part should be distinct. The right leg has the head of a Vov, with a rounded top right corner. The left leg should have the head of a Zayin. (According to the Arizal,the left leg has the head of a Vov.) The head should have 3 Tagin on it, like a regular Zayin. The heads should not touch one another at all. The Ayin has a slight slant toward the right, so that letters can fit comfortably next to it. The bottom portion which the two legs fit into should be thick and have a potrusion, to show that the Ayin is not a Tes, and also to create more room for nearby letters.

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Credit:Text and images related to hebrew caligraphy:Rabbi Yisroel David Berger